I have created these murals designed for outdoor settings. Each mural is an original work of  art.
These murals are weatherproof and designed to go outside on your fence, amongst your garden or behind a water feature e.g. birdbaths, ponds, sculptures or pot plants creating a colorful and peaceful feature wall for your garden
These murals are made with the best sign writers' materials designed not to fade run or warp in the weather
I can design any size or picture and I welcome any comments or thoughts on my work. Thank you for your time


Rave Dance
1200 x 3600 cm
Commissioned for 21st Century dance club Frankston



                                                  Commissioned for National bank in Hastings

                                                                        3600 x 3600 cm



                                                                  1000 x 1200 cm



                                                                  Outdoor murals
                                                                  1200 x 1200 cm


Commissioned for a Kindergarten in Hastings    

                          Water lilies
                        1200 x 1200 cm



                              Water lilies
                             1200 x 1200 cm

1200 x  1800 cm
  Commissioned for Uniting Church



1200 x  1800 cm
  Commissioned for National bank Hastings


                       1200 x 1800 cm
         Commissioned for Unit
ing Church
                             The creation of Adam
                           1200 x 1000 cm
             Commissioned for Uniting Church
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